• Rye Country Day School

Summer 2021

Wow! As we sit here on another rainy day in July, we reflect on the past year. We are so happy to have a full camp program and happy children throughout our classrooms!

Rye Country Day had a successful 2020 year in an uncertain time. We built amazing relationships with our families who helped us make this past year a terrific one, despite the possibilities. Our teachers created a warm, loving, safe environment for the children. It was a year of pride. We were flexible, we learned, we Lysol-ed, and we still had a lot of fun!

Though we are not out of the woods just yet, we are looking to the future. Rye Country Day opens it's doors to our 47th year of learning in just over a month! We can't wait to see what awaits us!

Have a wonderful summer!

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