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We have a brand new website we will be launching sometime within the next two weeks, designed locally by 603design.com. We'll have all the updated 2014/2015 calendars, forms, classroom schedules and much more available to you as soon as it goes live. In the mean time, please check your child's backpack for paper copies of all classroom newsletters, schedules, etc.

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Rye Country Day Offers a NEW Pre-K/Kindergarten Program for the 2014-15 School Year.
Every year we are approached by a handful of parents who feel their children “might” not be quite ready for Kindergarten. We have always told parents if they are unsure then a “watchful approach” is appropriate. Children can often have bursts of growth and development that surprise us all! By offering a combination Pre-K/Kindergarten class parents can have the option to watch the development of their child throughout the year and make an informed decision as their child moves forward. By the spring it is usually very clear whether a child is ready to move forward to first grade. We provide a unique program that supports both the inquisitive and playful side of our five year olds. Our Pre-K/Kindergarten program is creative, rigorous, developmentally appropriate and celebrates the strengths of each student. We provide the children with an integrated approach in math, science, reading, writing, geography, art, music, yoga, sign language and Spanish. Children also have many opportunities to grow socially and emotionally with a community of learners who are actively engaged with one another. Here at Rye Country Day School, children are inspired to be life long learners!

We are also offering this program to children who will be 5 years old by December 31st, with the understanding that your child would be transitioning to Kindergarten (public or private), the following year.

If you're interested in signing up or have any questions, please give us a call at (603) 964-4066.

About Rye Country Day School (located in Rye, NH)
Katherine Hodgeman, owner and director of Rye Country Day School, has been offering quality early childhood education to the Seacoast Community for 36 years. Kathy opened her first school, Sunshine and Buttercups, on Central Road in Rye in 1974. As the needs of the community grew, Kathy opened Rye Country Day School at 1245 Washington Road, Rye, in 1992, operating both schools until 2004 when they integrated together into one facility at Washington Road in Rye. Rye Country Day School has been accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young children since 1997.

Built on four acres of meadow land, this spacious building houses several classrooms which are both self contained and fully integrated, providing an expansive and creative curriculum.

At Rye Country Day School children will enjoy active play areas both indoors and out. Bright and cheerful play structures sit on an open expanse of field. Wooded areas nearby promise guided nature exploration. Indoors, the large, carpeted recreation room is a welcome addition especially in inclement weather. Here children will participate in active indoor play, movement, art, music and dance.

At Rye Country Day School, children, parents, and teachers enjoy the pleasure of playing, working, communicating, problem solving, serving, exploring, inventing, and building a stronger community. Together we strive to make sense of our world and discover ways we can contribute to make it better with respect, acceptance, and friendship.

At Rye Country Day we provide a learning community for children and adults: a place where children are valued for their ability to do meaningful work, their wonder and curiosity, their perspectives, and their ability to play; a place where families are valued for their bonds and traditions, their commitment to work, home, and community, and their dreams for their children; a place where staff are valued for their vision, their delight in children, their skill, heart, and knowledge, a commitment to families, and an ability to play. We cherish what we learn from each other.

(Read our Complete Mission, Vision and Philosophy Here)
To provide excellence in family focused Early Childhood Education.
To facilitate the growth and development of each child while building a community of learners: Teachers, Children, Parents, Community.

To develop a strong administrative staff that will continue to inspire excellence and encourage teachers to take risks as they grow in their knowledge of the young child. They will provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate with other early childhood professionals.

To develop a cohesive team that continues to grow in their knowledge and understanding of young children. A collaborative team that strives to bring the best in early childhood education to children and their families.

To focus on communications between school and home. To provide opportunities for parents to be active participants so they become an intricate part of their child's education. To commit to family education so parents will have the tools to become strong advocates for their children.

To continue our community outreach by offering workshops for parents and teachers, providing opportunities for community service, maintaining open communication with area schools, growing in our model of inclusion and hosting events for families.

(Our Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children)

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