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Kinder Owl Program

Our Kinder Owl Program is a “Gift of a Year Program” offered to currently enrolled students and new students who turn 5 by September 30th of the year they enroll and whose parents wish to give them an additional preparatory year before they move onto kindergarten.

As space allows, currently enrolled students who turn five shortly after the cutoff are also considered. This is an additional option for older preschoolers who are socially and academically ready and able to attend during extended seat work. Interested families can consult with their current preschool teacher and our director. Families may choose 5 mornings or 5 full days.


Language Development and Literacy - Children are provided many opportunities to see how reading and writing are useful before they are instructed in letter names, sounds, and word identification. Activities are provided to develop language and literacy: dictating stories, a print rich environment, talking informally with other children and adults, and experimenting with writing, and inventive spelling.


Mathematics - We have an activity-centered mathematics program. The goal is to build an understanding of the patterns of mathematics through the use of concrete materials. We believe that real mathematical learning involves insight and the ability to solve new problems.


Fine Arts - Our approach to Art allows children the freedom to experiment with a variety of materials and techniques. Art production is process oriented and involves two- and threedimensional activities such as painting and printmaking and sculpture. The children learn about famous artists and art styles take part in creative Movement, song, dance.


Social Science/Health - Our social studies program is based on the interests, backgrounds and developmental levels of each student. We are committed to developing an anti-biased curriculum and providing meaningful multicultural experiences for our children. In science we focus on animals, objects and events in the child's natural environment. We believe that children need to have many opportunities to explore and interact with their world.


Rye Country Day School Kinder Owl Program:

• Focuses on the total development of the child - social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language.

• Establishes a climate and plan that specifically develops feelings of security and a sense of independence and individuality.

• Provides guidance for the child as he or she learns to relate to others and to develop warm human relationships.

• Consists of experiences within the child's range of interests and competencies so that there are many opportunities for successes that contribute to his or her sense of self-worth.

Serving Seacoast Families Since 1974

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