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Toddler Program for Siblings

Our toddler program welcomes a limited number of siblings two mornings a week as an introduction to a formal setting. Our experienced teachers provide a safe and nurturing environment that supports growth in all areas of development and responds respectfully and enthusiastically to children’s needs and interests.


Days & Times: Tuesday and Thursday from 8:50 -11:30am

Potty Training: Children DO NOT need to be potty trained to participate.


Our Toddler Program accepts siblings who turn 2 before September 30th of the year they enroll.

Our child centered, family focused program understands that Toddlers are developing a sense of self and becoming socially aware and forming bonds with both teachers and peers. Our program is nurtured by the cooperative efforts of children, teachers and parents.

Physical Development
Our classroom space is designed for movement and exploration. Through many hands on activities and carefully chosen materials, children have the ability to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Our curriculum supports both fine and gross motor development through activities such as: cooking, gardening, tweezing, pouring, climbing, running, music and movement, and yoga.

Social Development
Each child is celebrated for the unique gifts they share with us at school and those interests are woven into our classroom culture and curriculum. As Toddlers are becoming more self-aware they are learning to identify and care for others. Each child becomes an integral part of a community of learners whose growth is celebrated and positive self-esteem fostered.


Early Literacy/Math/Science

Early Literacy, math, and science concepts are woven into activities and natural learning experiences throughout the day. We believe children learn best through play and all of our tools in the classroom are carefully chosen to build on a child’s prior understanding. Through observations, we are able to meet children at their individual learning level and help guide them towards the next logical step in their progression. We are also committed to developing an anti-biased curriculum and providing meaningful multicultural experiences for our children.

Our integrated approach to art allows children the freedom to experiment with a variety of materials and techniques based on their interest. Creative movement, song, dance, finger painting, and sculpture are incorporated into our curriculum on a daily basis along with an exposure to sign language, yoga and Spanish.

We are partners in your child’s school experience and believe, together we are better.


Serving Seacoast Families Since 1974

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